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  1. What are Ductless glands?

Answer: Endocrine glands


  1. Chemical messengers?

Answer: Hormones


  1. The organs which are influenced by hormones?

Answer: Target organs


  1. Master gland of the body?

Answer: Pituitary gland


  1. Growth hormone?

Answer: Somatotrophin


  1. An abnormality in children due to the hyposecretion of somatotrophin?

Answer: Dwarfism


  1. An abnormality in children due to the overproduction of growth hormone?

Answer: Gigantism


  1. An abnormality in Adults due to the hypersecretion of Somatotrophin?

Answer: Acromegaly


  1. Lactogenic hormone?

Answer: Prolactin


  1. Hormone which stimulate the target organ to produce its hormone?

Answer: Tropic hormone


  1. Bilobed gland situated in neck?

Answer: Thyroid gland


  1. Gland is popularly known as Adam’s Apple?

Answer: Thyroid gland


  1. Contigenital Hypothyroidism in Children’s?

Answer: Cretinism


  1. Contigenital Hypothyroidism in Adults?

Answer: Myxoedema


  1. Gulls disease?

Answer: Myxoedema



  1. Endocrine gland for mental development?

Answer: Thyroid gland


  1. Hormone for mental development?

Answer: Thyroxin


  1. Deficiency of Iodine?

Answer: Simple goiter


  1. Goitre due to hyperthyroidism?

Answer: Exophthalmic goiter


  1. Grave’s disease?

Answer: Exophthalmic goiter


  1. A narrow band which connects the lobes of thyroid gland?

Answer: Isthmus


  1. Four small glands located at the posterior surface of the thyroid gland?

Answer: parathyroid


  1. Hormone regulate blood calcium and phosphate levels?

Answer: parathyroid hormone (PTH)


  1. Deficiency of parathyroid hormone?

Answer: Tetany


  1. Juvenile gland?

Answer: Thymus


  1. Gland degenerates after adultery?

Answer: Thymus


  1. Juvenile hormone?

Answer: Thymosin


  1. Gland which is known as Training school of T-lymphocytes?

Answer: Thymus


  1. Gland which is known as Throne of immunity?

Answer: Thymus


  1. Infantile gland?

Answer: Thymus

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