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Meghalaya Police Exam 2016 Model Question papers with answer

In 1969 what category was added to the Nobel prizes



In which city was Bob Hope born

London (Eltham)


In the human body where is your occiput

Back of head


Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner

Francis Scott-key


Which food did Victorians deride as little bags of mystery



Which actor was dubbed the muscles from Brussels

Jean Claude Van Dam


Which film star was the first to appear on a postage stamp

Grace Kelly


What would you expect to find in a binnacle

Ships compass


Which Hollywood star has made the cover of Life most times

Elizabeth Taylor (11)


In the Chinese New Year what year follows Rat



Genuphobia is the fear of what



Percy LeBaron Spencer invented what in 1945 in USA

Microwave Oven


St Peter was the first Pope – Who was second

St Linus


What 1945 film won best picture, actor, director Oscars

The Lost Weekend


What is the literal translation of pot-pouri

Putrid Pot

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