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  1. A bleaching agent?

Answer: Chlorine


  1. The second most chemically active element?

Answer: Chlorine


  1. The densest element?

Answer: Osmium


  1. Most chemically active element?

Answer: Fluorine


  1. Most electronegative element of the periodic table?

Answer: Fluorine


  1. The radioactive gaseous element?

Answer: Radon


  1. The second hardest natural substance?

Answer: Corundum


  1. The crystalline form of Aluminium oxide?

Answer: Corundum


  1. The Largest Atom?

Answer: Francium


  1. Lowest atomic volume?

Answer: Boron



  1. Most abundant carbon compound in the nature?

Answer: Cellulose


  1. Most stable radioactive Isotope?

Answer: Tellurium-130


  1. Most toxic radioactive Isotope in air?

Answer: Thorium-238


  1. Most toxic non-radioactive element in air?

Answer: Beryllium


  1. Hardest substance in the world?

Answer: Diamond


  1. White phosphorus is kept in?

Answer: Under water


  1. The phosphorus used in the manufacture of match boxes?

Answer: Red phosphorus


  1. Ore of Uranium?

Answer: Pitchblende


  1. Heavy hydrogen is:

Answer: Deuterium


  1. Gas used to fill electric bulb used for advertisement?

Answer: Neon

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