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1. From where the first Jan Shatabdi express was started?
(a) Bombay (b) Delhi (c) Calcutta (d) Madras (Ans : a)

2. In which year, the first Air conditioned coach was started?
(a) 1930 (b) 1933 (c) 1936 (d) 1939 (Ans : c)

3. In which part of the country the first Air conditioned coach was manufactured?
(a) Bombay (b) Pune (c) Bihar (d) Madras (Ans : a)

4. When was the construction work for the first Railway line started?
(a) 1821 (b) 1819 (c) 1823 (d) 1824 (Ans : a)

5. When was the first train of the world started?
(a) 1820 (b) 1823 (c) 1825 (d) 1829 (Ans : c)

6. When did the big revolution happened in the history of Railway?
(a) 1801 (b) 1814 (c) 1815 (d) 1851 (Ans : b)

7. Mr John chapman, Major White and Vorat came together to form which company?
(a) E.R.R (b) G.I.R (c) England railway (d) The Great Indian peninsula railway company (Ans : d)

8. Where did Chapman form the committee?
(a) Glassgo (b) London (c) Edimbara (d) Lords (Ans : b)

9. What was the main source of earning of railways?
(a) goods fair (b) passenger fair (c) catering (d) None of these (Ans : a)

10. On 16th April, 1853 in Bombay which station was decorated to welcome the people?
(a) Boribandar (b) Thane (c) Kurla (d) Dadar (Ans : a)

11. What was the total duration of distance covered by first Railway engine?
(a) 1 hour (b) 1.2 hour (c) 57 minutes (d) 50 minutes (Ans : c)

12. What was the number of compartments in the first railway engine?
(a) 12 (b) 9 (c) 10 (d) 14 (Ans : d)

13. How many members did the rail- way board had?
(a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) 6 (Ans : c)

14. When was the B.B.C.I. locomotive get started ?
(a) Jamalpur (b) Parel (c) Boriville (d) Hyderabad (Ans : b)

15. Which company made the first engine in India?
(a) G.I.P (b) B.B.C.I (c) E.R.R (d) East India Company (Ans : a)

16. When did the Queen Victoria started to rule over the India?
(a) 1885 (b) 1857 (c) 1858 (d) 1859 (Ans : c)

17. How many rail companies were existing during the year 1886 ?
(a) Two (b) Four (c) Five (d) Eight (Ans : d)

18. How many rail lines were constructed upto the year 1886 ?
(a) Twelve (b) Five (c) Seven (d) Nine (Ans : a)

19. Which system was suggested as most suitable for the area of low population and low transport by the engineers?
(a) Broad gauge (b) Metre gauge (c) Narrow gauge (d) Wide gauge (Ans : c)

20. When was the first Metre gauge loco made ?
(a) 1895 (b) 1893 (c) 1897 (d) 1890 (Ans : a)

21. What was the result of the consideration of fixing the width of gauge?
(a) 5 feet (b) 3.5 feet (c) 3 feet (d) 4.5 feet (Ans : b)

22. When was the Delhi-Metro Rail Started?
(a) Jan. 2003 (b) Nov. 2002 (c) Dec. 2002 (d) Oct. 2002 (Ans : c)

23. When was the construction work of Victoria terminus completed?
(a) 1888 (b) 1885 (c) 1890 (d) 1887 (Ans : a)

24. How much money were invested in the construction of Victoria terminus ?
(a) 10 lakhs (b) 15lakhs (c) 16 lakhs (d) 20 lakhs (Ans : c)

25. When did the railway board form?
(a) 1901 (b) 1905 (c) 1903 (d) 1904 (Ans : b)

26. How many members were in Railway Board?
(a) Three (b) Five (c) Four (d) Six (Ans : a)

27. When did the government purchase G.I.P. Railway?
(a) 1895 (b) 1899 (c) 1897 (d) 1900 (Ans : d)

28. When was the rail budget separated from general budget?
(a) 1924 (b) 1926 (c) 1935 (d) 1949 (Ans : a)

29. When was the E.I.R. and G.I.P. companies were adopted by the government?
(a) 1924 (b) 1925 (c) 1928 (d) 1932 (Ans : b)

30. In which year the proposal was passed for electrification of rail route from Kalyan to Birar ?
(a) 1919 (b) 1921 (c) 1923 (d) 1925 (Ans : a)

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